Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson in Belfast

There we go again! We as Top Gear fans are eagerly awaiting the new series starting November 15th. However, there are some Top Gear critics that think they can use the program to shout their opinion into the world. The Belfast Telegraph reported that TG has faced some criticism after its series of extravagant stunts in Belfast this week.

Their stunts included firing a Renault Twingo into the sea, drag racing and hoisting a vehicle to the top of one of Harland and Wolff’s famous twin gantry cranes. Jeremy Clarkson was among those who spent hours filming at the city’s docks area for the programme this week.

Looks like a great show, if you ask me! However, some MP, called Gregory Campbell, has something against the apparent cost. Campbell challenged the BBC to reveal exactly how much the stunts cost. He believes BBC licence payers have a right to know how much of their cash was spent funding Top Gear’s Belfast stunts.

I think the BBC should reveal what the total cost of the filming was. Once that is revealed people would be able to make a judgment on whether they thought it was worthwhile.

Top Gear in Belfast Renault Twingo hits water

Meanwhile a second organisation, called Environmental group Friends of the Earth criticised the Top Gear team claiming it appeared to have gone out of its way to be as crass and juvenile as possible. Declan Allison from Friends of the Earth said:

The wanton destruction of tens of thousands of pounds worth of machinery impresses no-one. It’s a wasteful extravagance and, in the middle of a global recession, in very poor taste.

Feel free to share your opinion. Ours is quite clear. We just sit back, relax and wait until the first episode of the 14th season starts.

[Via, pictures via Belfast Telegraph]

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  1. “The wanton destruction of tens of thousands of pounds worth of machinery impresses no-one.”

    How do you know, you haven’t seen the show.

  2. @wsq: The question is not about wanton destruction, the question is: “is it money well spent ?”. Now whether it’s funny, whether it makes the british taxpayer have a good time, that we don’t know yet.

  3. what does it matter what it costs.
    you still have to pay the same amount for the licence fee and at least this is a programme that actually provides entertainment.
    The destruction of tens of thousands of pounds of machinery impresses no one.
    Thats just simply laughable.
    why do you think people love topgear.
    topgear is one of those very special programmes that manages to make me cry with laughter every single time.

  4. What about all the money the government wastes and the amount of money we waste on politicians! At least this provides entertainment for the masses.
    There will always be some do gooder or killjoy that will complain, but most of the comments on the show are made to shock and be funny. That’s why it’s great entertainment and to take these away it would just be another car show

    Anyway I would imagine with TG being so popular the worldwide screening rights must bring in a fair amount of cash which would more than offset the cost of making the show.


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