It seems the strict US homologation rules have struck again. Bentley plan to release the flex-fuel capable Continental Supersports into the US market in the near future, however, US laws mean that they have to sell 200 non-flex fuel vehicles before the full deal can be sold.

This comes as a small blow to the company as the Continental Supersports will most likely be the most accessible flex-fuel capable performance car on the market. It is thought that after the initial 200-unit run, E85 capable cars will pass the testing and this will allow the import of the full models.

We wonder if and when this happens, Bentley might recall the initial 200 and perform the minor modifications to bring them up to their intended standard. The good news for these potential owners is that the cars won’t lose any of their potential power hike.

[Via MotorAuthority]


  1. Basically, parts of the production process need to be US homologation checked which takes time. 200 Continental Supersports will be delivered while this happens then the parts will be able to be installed on future cars. Strange story plus I don’t fully understand why they can’t just wait until the process is complete :/

  2. The car in my opinion is a total waste of raw material. It has everything, but yet is worthless. It costs double+ what a S-class costs, yet does not offer more amenities.

    It has roughly same engine power as Ferrari, costs the same but does not handle for life itself. It is a massive boat.

    It does not look special unless you know what it is. And i am sure it is not easy to drive.

    It is also nowhere close a Maybach or Phantom, that said the car is wanna-be everything, and yet has nothing it excels in except huge price for some metal. Depreciates like no other car too. It is so big its about to tip over in that corner, or already damaged the asphalt by carving the rim through it.


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