Gemballa GT Sport Wheels

As we know, TechArt beat the tuning world to the Panamera by actually building their proposed design and showing it at IAA 2009. We’re still waiting for other companies to offer us a real life conversion of Porsche’s four-door as we know other companies have plans. In the mean time we thought we’d show you these pictures of Gemballa’s latest wheels for the Panamera.

The rims were possibly fitted to a customer car and Gemballa’s website says they come in two styles. There’s the normal 22inch GT Sport wheel that fit tyre sizes 265 / 30 / 22 at the front and 315 / 25 / 22 on the rear. Then there’s the 22inch GT Sport – R’s which fit the same tires but feature riveting on the outside edge. Enjoy the photos and we’ll keep you informed when the full conversion can be seen.

Gemballa GT Sport-R’s

Gemballa GT Sport


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