Hamann BMW 7-series F01 and F02

Hamann has unveilied its refining programme for the new BMW 7-series of the model range F01 and F02. The Laupheim-based company made a package containing a stainless steel exhaust system with a sporty and earthy sound, aerodynamics components and light alloy rims from 19 to 22 inches. Even the interior has been altered with leather, floor-mats in matching colours as well as non-slip aluminium pedals.

LED daytime running lights are integrated in the new front skirt. The roof spoiler, the rear spoiler and the side skirts are all available for the model series F01. The optionally available rear shield insert for the side skirt of the model 730d and 740i has space for a four-pipe sport end muffler. Four round stainless steel end pipes with a diameter of 90 millimetres produce the powerful, earthy sound.

A performance enhancement for the Diesel engine with variable turbine geometrics is already under construction. This first tuning stage increases the standard kit – 730d (180kW / 245hp) – by approximately 33kW/45hp.

The one-piece Hamann-aluminium wheels are called Design HM Evo 22 inches. They combine a glossy black paint with diamond-grinded rim star and five elongated and over-vaulted triple spokes. Hamann recommended to us the dimensions 9.0Jx22 inches with 265/30ZR22 tyres at the front axle and 10.5Jx22 inches with 295/25ZR22 tyres at the rear axle.

Four coiled chassis springs lower the centre of gravity with the models 730d, 740i by 40 millimetres at the front- and rear axles. For the models 750i and 750Li, there is a lowering kit consisting of two chassis springs and an evening kit.

A line-up of interior equipment is available such as aluminium pedals, foot-rests and an embroidered Hamann floor mat set. Personal requests can always be addressed to Hamann.

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