Ferrari 458 Italia

As Frankfurt draws nearer and nearer we’ve started getting more and more excited about seeing Ferrari’s latest offerings up close. The 458 Italia replaces the F430 as a completely new car. We’re excited about this because we’ve always seen the F430 as being a facelifted, uglier version of the F360. We’ve uncovered some new photos and videos of the car.

Thanks to Carspotter we’ve got some of the best spyshots we’ve ever seen, along with a very high quality video with awesome sounds.

The 458 Italia definitely sounds the part. The sound is similar to the California (also to be seen in the video). We’ll let the videos and photos speak for themselves. Let us know what you think in the comments box below.

[Via Carspotter Via PureGT]


  1. I’d never seen such an artful camouflage… anyway, I like it even more in black. Yes the sound is awesome, but (just for good measure) the rims’ spokes are a bit too thin.

  2. F430 an uglier version of the 360?? I never really liked the 360 but considered the 430 to be sex on 4 wheels. And this is coming from someone who never really liked Ferrari’s. Am I the only one?

    Not to keen on the new 458 either…

  3. I don’t know why, maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the 360 is still the best looking. The F430 is uglier than the 360, and this 458 is looking like it might be uglier than the 430. There is something about the curves of the 360 that is just pure sexy.

  4. “we’ve always seen the F430 as being a facelifted, uglier version of the F360”

    Did we? I think the F430 is the much more beatiful car then the F360.

    And the F458 is nothing really new compared to the F430.


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