Spyshots 2010 Audi A8

Do not expect the new Audi A8 to show up at the IAA 2009 next month. The new luxury sedan isn’t expected to make its world debut until the Detroit motor show next year. However, we can show you the first spyshots of the brand new A8 driving around in the New Mexico, USA.

A member at Autoblog.com spotted the car while passing through Arizona on a cross-country road trip. At first they thought it had to be the new A6, but it looks like they caught the short-wheelbase, Euro-spec Audi A8 with amber LED turn signals.

The Audi testing department fitted an inverted Mitsubishi diamond-star logo next to a Mitsubishi’s “jet-fighter” grille as a part of their disguise. Nice try guys!


  1. It seems to me that Audi is starting to suffer from the “Porsche sindrome” – Less and less design effort in every following model…The typical look of an Audi hasn’t changed significantly in the past 10 years.

  2. Why should Audi change their design completely?

    People got used to the face of an Audi. That’s the strategy. Funny to read ppls comments that got their knowledge from different car magazines.

  3. @Giszmo: Nobody ever said Audi should change their design “completely”. I don’t really agree with the “Porsche syndrome” comment either, I’d call it more of a “Volkswagen syndrome”.

    Steady changes, just to refresh it each year, but eventually you go more and more into a plastic cup-holder competition, than actual car design.

    It would be good to see Audi produce a car that makes people go “Woah”, but they already did that with the R8, only 3 years ago. Also, who knows, maybe they will do it again with a cabrio R8.

    Though… a bit of innovation here and there wouldn’t hurt.

  4. That’s exactly what I had in mind, but couldn’t put it down in words.

    I don’t think that they should change everything from the ground up. Just make the damn thing a bit more lively. Look at what Mitsubishi did with the Lancer…

  5. Compare the increases of sales figures of Audi compared to BMW and Mercedes and you will see that they are on the right way.

    Neither a BMW 3-series nor the C-Class can reach the design of an Audi A4.

    BMW decided to create the Bangle-look and they failed in an epic way. Mercedes just stayed at their ususal boring look.

    BUT, Audi’s A4 and A6 will get some serious competitors by the new 3- and 5-series. They look just stunning!


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