Continuing our Bugatti Veyron theme from the past few days, today’s photos are from Swiss tuner Mansory. Their work on the Bugatti Veyron, in most peoples eyes, has been nothing short of sensational. Some purists say that the Veyron, for all it’s thousands of development hours, should not be touched by the tuning world. We say, when it looks this good, whats wrong with a limited edition hitting the streets! Enjoy these brand new pictures!!

[Via Mansory]


  1. As usual there are too many Mansory badges all over the car, but otherwise it’s a very beautiful (and discreet) tuning.

  2. Mansory isnt Swiss is it?!?!

    I thought it was based in Fichtelgebirge, which is northeastern Bavaria (Germany) + the owner, Kourosh Mansory, is middle eastern.

  3. There is two parts to Mansory

    Mansory – that deals with Astons, Mercs, Ferrari’s, Veyrons ect.

    and Mansory Switzerland (Formally Rinspeed Tunning) that deals with the Porsche’s

  4. Giszmo: But when you talk about a specific company, you don’t say where the mothership has landed, do you?

    For example, my office is based in London, and the company is named “Name (UK) Ltd”. The French branch is called “Name SA”, even though the main office is based in California, and there it is called “Name Corp.”. When we release a press release for a specific sector, we say “NAME, London, UK has …”, or “NAME, Mountain View, California”.

    International trading standards are very versatile and diverse, and it’s not because in the end, “it’s the same company”, or because they wave the same logo that they need to be referenced as such. They can be separate entities without any problem.


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