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Study: Expensive cars don’t attract women

A recent study says that women aren’t attracted by expensive and sportive cars or men driving them. The study was done by Top Gear Australia and shows that there’s no difference in the reaction of a typical woman’s brain to any given man whether he’s driving a all day car or supercar. The study however distinguishes men that are generally regarded as attractive, definately don’t need a car to attract attention.

The more average-looking guys who might benefit from being shown with just about any car but some men aren’t going to attract attention without the help of the car they’re in. Feel free to tell us your opinion in the box below!

[via Motorauthorithy]


  1. Now take one George Clooney with a Ferrari 599 and one George Clooney with a rotten piece of Peugeot 1. Guess who wins the girl ?


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