It looks like there are enough high powered sportscars and luxury sedans for Italian car manufacturer Fornasari and that’s probably why they’ve created this Racing Buggy with an output of 610bhp. When taking a first look at the buggy, we expect to never see it anywhere, leave alone see it on our streets. But Fornasari plans to take this one in series production. The pictures are of course only a rendering but the buggy would seat five luxurious places.

We hope to see first production pictures soon, because the announced price of €80,000 is rather high. Exactly how many units are to be built and when they’ll be available hasn’t been revealed. What we know is that the buggy will have a lenght of 5.2 metres with a width of 2.15 meters and 1.85 meters high. Knowing that the output of the 7 liter V8 is 610bhp together with 748Nm of torque we can expect a zero to 62mph sprint of just 3.8 seconds, as fast as a Corvette ZR1!

[via motorauthority]

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