We already told you the past few days that Top Gear would unveil the man “inside” The Stig during the first episode of Top Gear Season 13. But before unveiling the secret The Stig took the Ferrari FXX on a hot lap around the circuit and managed to get a time seven seconds faster than the Gumpert Apollo. 1.10.70 is the new best hot lap time.

The unveiling of The Stig was as expected. Micheal Schumacher took off the white helmet and showed himself. But at the end of the show everything got mixed up again when the three presentators stated that perhaps Schumi wasn’t The Stig after all… so what do you think? We think he was just there to drive the FXX on the show. Ferrari wouldn’t let anybody else drive it so he had to come along….


  1. but it won’t stay on top of the board because the fxx is not road legal. Anyway, today’s race was nice but not unforgettable… I guess it’s though to come next to vietnam.

  2. its his fxx so hes obviously going to drive it. maybe its what they will do this season instead of normal guests (which as we know were getting quite obscure) hamilton has already said on the radio that he is going back…

  3. I’m not quite sure If Schumacher did actually have the time to participate in all Top Gear Season that involve the Stig. But from a drivers prospective it would make sense. It was often rumored that the real Stig was a former Formula 1 Driver.

    Who else than a German could have been the Stig^^ We have the Autobahn…


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