Nissan GT-R Break

Tuners can do fantastic things to a supercar but sometimes it’s just wrong. We’ve seen severel overkills before, but this one certainly is a winner. This Nissan GT-R Break was presented on the Nagoya Auto Trend-show in Japan. First thing we hoped when seeing this car is that there are no real production plans. Secondly we hoped to never see it again. If you really want a high-performance break you better make a choice between Audi, Mercedes or BMW instead of ruining a perfect car.

Nissan GT-R Break


  1. It looks like the front and the back have been designed by two different people. And the tyres are too small in these big wheel arches.

  2. Dudes, this isnt a project by nissan but rather a car modifier / coach builder who put an R35 GTR nose onto an old Galant rear end… so Avalancher… you’re spot on! :)

    Its a similar mod to what the guys did when they put R34 GTR noses onto R32 Skylines..

  3. You are all wrong it a standard Nissan Stagea it’s a Japan only market car and is sometimes referred as the Skyline Wagon, many tuners have modified these somtimes they put on the front end of the R34 skyline and its legendary engine the RB26!


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