Revenge Designs GTM Super Car

The news that there’s a new supercar coming around the corner soon, always makes us smile. Revenge Desings have created a complete new car called the “Revenge Designs GTM Super Car”. Official figures say it weighs only 2350 pounds (1.060 kg), it’s mid-engined, runns on a 650 bhp strong V8 with a possible sprint to 62 mph (100 kmh) in just 3 seconds and a topspeed of 181 mph (290 kmh).

Different from other supercars, the luxury you get didn’t get infected by the weight. You get full leather interior, navigation system and a premium sound system. Too bad there’s only one picture today but we are sure more will come soon. For a full list of options and details scroll donw and read the press-release…

Press Release:

Pleasing to the eye, but also true to its performance charter, the new GTM is a fusion of speed and style. Broad flanks, muscular lines, menacing stance

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  1. i am a super car buff(i have a corvette style bedroom) from ann arbor mi i was at the auto show in detroit(my dad took me out of school) and i saw this car and fell in love with it i have afew years left until i buy it i gues il’ see ya then


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