When BMW introduced the Z4M in 2001 they told the world that it would be last generation Z4 running on the 3.2 liter engine. But then we didn’t knew what exactly would come instead of it. That changed when BMW introduced the V8 in the current M3, replacing the same 3.2 liter. Rather unexpected because of all limits the car producers need to look at and all the problems with the environment. But things turned out to be different. BMW is now definately waving out the 333bhp strong 3.2 liter engine from it’s Z4M and announces by this that the, not yet presented, new Z4M will probably have a stronger V8 in it’s nose. Or will it have a smaller engine, a 3.0 liter? We guess not and hope it gets confirmed soon!

BMW E46 M3 CSL: 3.2 liter with 355 bhp



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  1. I read rumours that there won’t be a replacement for the current Z4M…
    But I hope there will be one. My choice would be a stronger version of the 3,5l turbo which you can have in the 3series with 306hp.


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