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The ASI Bentley Continental Flying Spur will debut next to the Tetsu GTR we reported on yesterday at this years SEMA motorshow. Both cars come from the Japanese tuner Accuracy.Spirit.Imagination who specialise in custom Bentley tuning. Key features of the car will be the styling kit which includes restyled bumpers, side-skirts, a new muffler and a new spoiler. Exclusivity will be guarenteed with only 27 kits planned for production, there are however only plans for a distribution network outside of Japan so it is still unclear whether they will be sold outside of Japan. As it’s a purely cosmetic tweak, prices start at $28,000.

ASI Continental Flying Spur

ASI Bentley Continental Flying Spur

ASI Continental

[Via MotorAuthority]


  1. No no just no!!! Please don’t build such a bodykit on your Continental Flying Spur… and then these ugly Lexus style exhaustpipes…

    A Bentley is not a ricer!!!


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