RENNtech C63

In it’s latest creation RENNtech has tuned the C63 AMG saloon produced by German manufacturer Mercedes Benz. The headline figures are the cars collosal power figures which have increased by 97bhp (over 20%!) to 548bhp. The torque also recieves a dollop of excess with figures quoted at 510lb-ft (785Nm).

RENNteck C63 AMG

The figures are achieved with a new exhaust system with some track oriented features incorperated for road use and a reworked ECU. However RENNtech also wanted to improve road handling and general safety (taking into account the increased power), therefore the suspension has recieved some tweeks and higher performance brakes have been added. All these upgrades make the car better suited to the track, but it can also be used on the road, all upgrades are available directly from RENNtech who supply them seperately or as part of a kit.

Tuned C63

Renntech C63


[Via MotorAuthority]


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