Ferrari Enzo Successor

These are believed to be pictures of a new Ferrari Enzo Successor (known as the FX70 within Ferrari) in it’s development stages running around Maranello. They follow up from some pictures which where released in July which also claimed to be a development mule for the new flagship model. The differences between the two sets however is that one is running a modified F360 shell (the earlier pictures) and the later is running a modified F430 shell.

Ferrari FX70 Test Mule

The differences between the car shown in these latest spyshots and the standard F430 are what leads onlookers to believe the car really is the development mule. First of all it shows an extended wheel base and wider track, which are not modifications that would normally be seen on a revised F430 model. Secondly, the exhaust seen on the Scuderia that also appear on this car appear to have been by-passed to fit in a larger system that sits in the middle of the diffuser. This is a similar setup to that seen on the F360 mule which leads to believe they are both production mules for the same car.

Ferrari FX70

Rumours are also circulating as to which engine will be used in the new ‘hypercar’. Some sources suggest that a V8 and V12 engine is being investigated as possible alternatives, Ferrari would obviously prefer a V12 car but may have to settle for a V8 to pass tough new european emmission standards. No doubt plently of aerodynamic aids and carbonfibre will be incorperated into the final shape to create a lighter, faster car to build on the speed of the Enzo without increasing the power to rediculous levels. Having said this, there are also rumours that the car will have 700bhp in the V8 alone, with 50-100bhp extra from the V12! Production could start as early as 2010 and expect a limited run of 300 – 400 examples.

July F360 FX70 Prototype

July FX70 Spyshots

[Via MotorAutority]


  1. that just proves that ferrari is about the engine and not the shell – see ? they can fit enzo mk2 in a 360 box and noone notices :D

    (said a genuine porsche fan who doesn’t give a **** about F… ;)

  2. Ferrari is really a good company In above picture red Ferrari-enzo-successor is looking very nice. I think company develop this car more stages.
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