Team Arbuckle driving from San Diego to Las Vegas

Today the Gumball 3000 heads from San Diego to Las Vegas. The participants who are also doing the Asian leg of the rally have to drop off their cars at the Southern California Logistics airport and are flown from there to Las Vegas. The other teams that only entered the US leg of this years Gumball 3000 continue driving to Las Vegas and finish at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Yesterday took the Gumballers from Los Angeles to San Diego with stops at four checkpoints. The first three checkpoints were at Huntington Beach, HRE Wheels in Vista and Rancho Santa Fé. The fourth checkpoint (SoCal Euro Gathering at Qualcomm Stadium) was cancelled last minute and the Gumballers headed from Racho Santa Fé straight to the Ivy hotel in San Diego.

Gumball 2008 Day 3 Updates:

Update 1 8:20 PST: Team Arbuckle left San Diego together with Ashley van Dyke and Eric Ward in the Mercedes E-class. Follow them on the road to Las Vegas at the live feed.

Update 2 10:15 PST: Team Arbuckle (#1 & #2) are pulled over 10 miles south of Barstow, California on the I-5. Bill and Allen Wu passed them 20 minutes after they were pulled over. The camera is still rolling

Update 3 10:27 PST: Team Driver Side in the Audi R8 just arrived at the Southern California Logistics airport in Victorville. The Maserati GT (#23) drove behind them the last bit to the airport.

Update 4 11:15 PST: Team Arbuckle #1 & #2 are back on the road after being stopped by the police earlier.

Update 5 12:48 PST: Jack Wheeler just reported from the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. At the moment 10 teams have arrived at the Hard Rock Hotel, the drivers who are doing the Asian leg dropped off their cars at the Victorville airport and are now flying to Las Vegas.

Update 6 14:43 PST: Most Gumballers arrived at the Hard Rock Hotel. The drivers of the Asian leg are flying from Victorville to Las Vegas now and are expected to arrive at the hotel by coach around 16:00 PST. Tonight will be the last night the US and Asian leg drivers got to party together, tomorrow morning the teams that paid 120.000$ to do the whole thing fly from Las Vegas to Pyongyang in North Korea. Don’t expect to many updates from North Korea and China… We will keep you entertained with more Gumball 3000 stuff over the next couple of days though.

Update 7 15:04 PST: The plane from Victorville landed in Los Angeles and Team Driver Side put their camera back online straight away. Through the live feed we got some information about KITT. KITT broke down on the way to the Victorville airport to drop of the car for the Asian leg. According to the driver it overheated and ran out of gas. Luckily they made it to the airport in time to load KITT on the plane that takes the Gumball cars over to China while the drivers attend the Mass Games in North Korea. KITT should be fine in China and whatever happens they won’t leave it behind… That must be a relief for all the fans!

Unofficial results for Day 3:

1st Bill Wu (Lamborghini Murcielago)
2nd Unknown Porsche
3rd Silver Bentley
4th Allen Wu (Porsche 997 Turbo)
5th Team Arbuckle (BMW 330Ci)

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  1. I just saw the cars in Victorville.

    They were loading them onto the planes, there were 3 rolls royces, one ferrari, one aston martin, one lamboghini, Maxamillion’s Jaguar and an SLR.

    I got some good pics if anyone wants to see them.

    The gumball crew who were loading the cars were ecstatic about being able to drive them. They even had pictures taken with them!


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