The guys from Autobild managed to take pictures of a Ferrari we haven’t seen before. The possible new Ferrari got spotted, where else than, at the factory in Maranello. On the first view it’s clear that the car is mid-engined and has similar proportions as the F430. This could mean a possible successor for the current and very popular F430. However, the completed look of the new model suggests that it could be a new concept car or even a custom coachbuilt model.

Our source speaks about the new Ferrari F500, a 5.0L successor to the F430 that could appear as early as next year. Ferrari should be planning to increase the output to around 500 bhp to remain competitive with cars like the Porsche GT2, Lamborghini Gallardo and even Nissan’s GT-R. Stay tuned, as we believe new details will follow soon…!




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