Zagato Ferrari

Some people can never get enough. When tuning not longer satisfies them, they knock on the door of a designhouse. For them, and offcourse for every other car enthusiast, we have some good news. Ferrari decided to create a coachbuild-program together with the 3 wellknown designhouses: Fioravanti, Pininfarina & Zagato. One of the main reason’s for this agreement is probably because some Ferrari owners wanted to make their cars more exclusive than they already are, and therefore worked together with the designers. From now on Ferrari engineers will work together with these design houses and every special Ferrari will get approbation from Maranello!

The clients can choose themselves with which one they want to work together. The designs are based on the 612 Scaglietti, the F430 and surprisingly the Enzo aswell. First cars should leave Maranello by the end of this year. Rumours go that a fourth designer will be added to the coachbuilding program, more exactly Corrozzeria Touring Supperleggera. They want to create an exclusive body for existing Ferrari’s, but only with approbation from Ferrari SpA. Let’s hope some amazing creations see the day-light soon!

[via Autogespot]



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