Michael Schumacher tests the Ferrari California GT

Ever since Michael Schumacher stopped racing for the Ferrari F1 team he has been involved with development of new Ferrari models for the street. Previously he was involved in the testing and fine-tuning of the Ferrari 430 Scuderia. This worked out really well and Ferrari asked him to be involved with the development of the upcoming Ferrari California GT.

In the video below Michael Schumacher explains what his part in the development of the Ferrari California GT was and what his experiences are. Schumacher says that Ferrari tried to use a lot of the techniques developed for the Ferrari 430 Scuderia in the new, entry level, Ferrari California GT.


  1. I think the Ferrari California is a smashing car i love it, it may not be the car that i can afford but it certainly has charm,style, and good looks about it thoses simalar that of Michael Schumacher, it lacks nothing, i also enjoyed Michaels video of how is describes it, its a pity the video wasnt on long enough. i wouldnt mind him giving me a couple spins around the Modena circuit.


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