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Our week passed like a Bugatti Veyron at topspeed, so it’s time for another episode of Top Gear season 11 again. In tonight’s sixth and last episode of this season the Top Gear trio meets up with their German counterparts for a series of challenges to settle the score for the best motoring show team. The German team has Sabine Schmitz onboard and she can’t wait to show the three brits how it’s done again. James May visits the Japanese car manufacturer Mitsuoka to test the Mitsuoka Orochi & Galue.

Richard Hammond reviews the Gumpert Apollo before handing it over to the Stig for a lap of the Top Gear test track. Jay Kay, lead singer of Jamiroquai and dedicated car collector, is back at Top Gear to have a go in the reasonably priced car.

Download the full sixth episode of season 11 here or visit for more Top Gear!

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  1. Great episode and one of the best this year… Loved the Gumpert Apollo lap ;)

    But the best was the drag race won by the Atom Supercharged…. woooow

    And what about the James in his Stig outfit :D

    Pitty they are back in the autumn….



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