McLaren P11

With Mercedes and McLaren devorcing next year, the end of the production of the SLR announced and lot’s of rumours around a new super Mercedes, it’s more than likely that McLaren on itself will come forward with a new car. Mclaren has been very secretive around the project, codenamde P11, which will be in the showrooms by March 2010 as a coupé and about 2 years later as a spyder version.

The new mid-engined car will directly compete with the Ferrari F430 although the McLaren will be lighter and more compact. Power is said to come close to 550 bhp produced by a V8 engine, which will be produced in England.

The P11 project will then provide the base for a more hardcore version which will be a successor to the legendary Mclaren F1 supercar, codenamed P12. According to leaked documents power will come from a 600 bhp V10 engine. We know it will be hard to beat the looks, power and passion of the McLaren SLR, but we hope the best…

[via WCF]

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  1. Not sure this is a good idea, McLaren have a very high ‘performance brand’ image. This could conflict with that, 550 and 600hp is a lot but to compete with the veyron and other high powered modern cars would require slightly more horsepower in my opinion. That is if they plan to use their brand image to promote these cars, if not all looks good!


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