Porsche Roxster

It was kind of expected, but Porsche denied it untill the last moment. Well, let’s say untill the moment it firstly got caught on a camera. When we see the pictures it’s clear that Porsche wants to built an SUV to compete with the upcoming Audi Q5 and the Mercedes-Benz GLK. Question are, will Porsche also offer smaller engine SUV’s? And when will they officially announce it? What is for sure, is that this baby Cayenne will be a hit on the market. A name isn’t confirmed yet, but what we got sofar is, Porsche Roxster. Most likely it will not be called that way but we have to start somewhere.

Because the new Porsche is based on an Audi Q5 platform, we guess we can expect a small diesel engine under the hood, although we don’t believe it’s a good thing to put a diesel-engine under the hood of a supercar brand. On the other hand, that will bring even more Porsche on our streets which isn’t a bad thing!

Porsche Roxster

[via WCF]

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  1. I don’t know if this ‘baby Cayenne’ is really a good idea… I can understand they want to sell more than they already do … but a small SUV isn’t really something to wear the Porsche batch… just like the Boxter wasn’t…

  2. Porche without a decent engine isnt a porche.

    Thats why the boxer failed, because it had the image of not being able to by a carrera.

    I saw a Budget Cayenne with a weaker engine do a 1-100 kmph one day, was just pathetic.


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