Torpedo Run

Today we received the first information about the Torpedo Run 2008:

This years’ Torpedo Run will be held between 12th September 2008 and 14th September 2008. With the start in Ahaus, North of Düsseldorf (Germany), and end in St. Tropez (France) at the Mediterranean coast, you can look forward to an extraordinary mobile party. Torpedo Run gives you a weekend of sheer fun: action-packed events, awsome locations, amazing views and breathtaking mountain passes. In addition culinary pleasures, luxury hotels and stylish parties. New challenges and exclusive events are going to await you at all times.

During the Torpedo Run you experience several European countries. Starting in Ahaus you drive across the Benelux countries to Paris, the luxury capital of France. From thence across the land of the volcanos to Lyon. Before arriving at St. Tropez, the embodiment of jet set tourism, you will experience thrilling mountain roads and impressive massifs. Each night you will stay in luxury hotels, revel in culinary pleasures and celebrate eccentric parties. Torpedo Run is not a race, it’s about passion. There is no timing and no competition. Nobody is pressed for time to enjoy the whole event. So we got the official go of the government and administrative authority.

The locations and venues this year are something not to be missed. The motto “Torpedo Run in the altitudes



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