Arabrun 2008

Last friday the Arabrun 2008 took over Dubai! For the second year in a row this event brought together some of the most expensive and powerful supercars on the planet for a one-day driving event. Visiting most of Dubai and it’s surroundings, the cars drew a crowd at almost every intersection. Among the cars entered were a Bugatti Veyron, Carrera GT, Mansory Continental GTC, McLaren SLR Roadster and many many more exotics! Sadly one of the Murcielago Roadsters didn’t survive a short encounter with one of Dubai’s many high curbs but other than that the event went flawless.

The Arabrun is an annual driving event that takes the drivers through Dubai and over the most beautiful roads in the United Arab Emirates. This year all cars headed to Emirates Motorplex venue for a dragrace. In between the driving breakfast, lunch and dinner were served in quality hotels and restaurants in the area and the Arabrun 2008 finished in C-Bar Crystal night club with a VIP party. Next year we will definately be there to bring a live report!

Thanks to Bugatti!


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