Team Pussywagon

Quote magazine did another Challenge 2006 update at their website this afternoon. Once again a lot to report today. The Stretched Hummer of Team Pussywagon broke down so the 4 playmates that were enjoying the ride to St Petersburg in the back of the Hummer had to find other transportation to Russia. Luckily Team Tiroler & Team Ted & Ed raket arrived just in time to pick up the girls!

A bad day for the Porsches today. Team Olympics with the Porsche 993 4S had to replace the battery of their Porsche by a Russian battery. The co-driver of team SFPD returned to Tallinn as his team mate was arrested yesterday on the way to Tallinn and is currently in jail together with the driver of Team Miami Vice and it seems they are not released any time soon now.

Read the full article here!

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