Unlimited Class Bullrun

July 22, 2006, bulletin from the road 4:45PM PDT, 5:13 pm

there was a lot of static on the phone, but it sounds like kevin and bret are driving on 7 cylinders, or possibly 6. more to follow…


July 23, 2006, bulletin from the road 10:25AM PDT , 10:30 am

the studebaker is on the gas monkey team’s trailer and bret is riding with another team. looks like the rally is over for the studey.

Update from Bret:

Kevin is with the Stude on the Gas Monkey low hauler. I’m with Tim in the #79 Porsche,going to get back into the frey. More Later. Stude lost another 2 Cylinders. We will tool it tonight and see how hard the core is rocked.


  1. I’m so gutted for the Stude! Keep on going with the hitch-trail, boys…. your week is young and needs to grow with you….


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