Team Polizei has successfully made it to Budapest!

After a few incidents with the Belgium Police, Team Polizei fell behind a few cars as the rally entered Germany. Once in Germany, Ross and Roy were pulled over and issued a ticket for speeding. Finally finding their way to the unrestricted German Autobahn, Team Polizei decided to take the southerly route along the A6 corridor. Only a few teams took this route while the rest took the northern A3 Autobahn. The gamble paid off when the two roads met and the southern route cars were ahead. Leaving Germany, Alex Roy commented on the fact that the border checkpoint was peaceful and uneventful; a good sign that they were leading the pack.

Arriving in Budapest, the teams were welcomed by tons of fans and lots of rain. As of this report, there are still 30-40 cars which have yet to arrive. There are rumors that a few Gumballers have been arrested in Belgium and Germany. Also, late last night around 3 a.m. local time, the #72 Dodge Viper was involved in an accident somewhere in Germany on the A3.

The first three cars to arrive at the last checkpoints were Team Polizei, the #11 purple NSX, and Pete in the #097 BMW D2.

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