Jeremy Clarkson Motorworld Monaco

In this Jeremy Clarkson Motorworld show of 1995 he takes you to the finish point of the 2005 Gumball 3000 Monaco. The show starts with a James Bond entrance into Monaco. Monaco is famous for a couple of things, most important of all the annual Formula One Grand Prix and the social climate. Jeremy discusses both things with a couple of (ex) Formula One drivers, among those interviewed are big names as Eddie Irvine, Rubens Barichello, Damon Hill and Jean Alesi.

To show the value of the social climate he does a little experiment, he leaves a 500 French Francs note on the dashboard of his convertible and heads of to lunch, wondering whether it will still be there when he get’s back…

One of the best parts of this episode is the slow run around the track with Mika Häkkinen in his Mercedes SL. After the run with Mika Häkkinen Jeremy get’s on a Ducati motorbike and does a round for himself. It’s a great episode, enjoy!


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