Crazy video of Gigi Becali, the owner of Steaua Bucharest football club, fixing his $500.000 Maybach after a small accident. He decided to make some repairs to the fender and to the car’s door with a crowbar!?


  1. that man is one of the stuppidest people from Romania , he bought that Maybach from Geneva auto show , and had about 4 accidents with it, Im ashamed he leaves in my country :(

  2. BTW , Becali was a shepperd , and became the owner of a football club in Romania,but he also was a car mechanic, so probably thats why he repairs his fender with a crowbar…anyway, after he bought the car , he bended the rear fender in a fence , the a truck hitted him ( the video) after that his bodyguards jeep hitted the back of the Maybach , a few weeks ago…that car is not ment to be beaten up daily …


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