Car Crash: Car Detailer Destroys Ferrari 458 Italia

A car detailer in the U.K. has had the worst working day of his life after crashing a customer’s pristine Ferrari 458 Italia supercar.

While details are scarce at the moment, it’s believed that the Ferrari 458 Italia owner left the keys with the lucky car detailer but in what seems like a definite breach of protocol, the car detailer took the Ferrari 458 Italia for a spin after completing his handy-work and the results can be seen here.

Car Crash: Car Detailer Destroys Ferrari 458 Italia

It’s believed that the male driver lost control of the vehicle on the wet roads and ended up badly damaging the front left corner and back right corner of the car extensively.

The damage is definitely sufficient enough for the car to be deemed a complete write-off and consequently, the owner should be awarded money for the total value of the lost Italian supercar.

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