Claiming a lap record at any circuit around the world is an impressive feat and one certainly worth celebrating. The latest lap time to go tumbling was at the Tsukuba Circuit in Japan when private racing driver Under Suzuki topped all previous times in his heavily modified Nissan Silvia S15 by Scorch Racing.

The most notable thing about the accomplishment is that Suzuki did not have the backing of a large team behind him as he simply rented the circuit for himself in his quest to set a new lap record.

After only being on circuit for 22 minutes and burning through 4 sets of 295/35R18 Advan A050 tires, Suzuki set a new lap record on his 8th lap clocking a 52.649 second time in his Silvia which produces no less than 800hp.

Fortunately, Automotive videographer Luke Huxham was able to capture the entire venture on film and although this feat is extremely impressive, it’s likely that Under Suzuki could break into the 51-second mark after more revised aero modifications are completed and a new ECU is fitted!

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