The Nissan GT-R is no stranger to tuning houses. It is a car whose platform has been modified for everything from 1,000+ hp to the most basic suspension and wheel modifications. Bulgarian tuning house Vilner has released images of their most recently tuned GT-R, which promises of modifications that haven’t been done anywhere else.

Their second Nissan GT-R project features a starry sky ceiling, a stylistic touch usually only present on limousines and other such vehicle. In addition to the custom headliner, bespoke interior additions include alcantara and leather wrapped seats, stitched in such a way to create rhomboid shaped forms on the seat backs and bottoms.

According to Vilner, the starry-sky ceiling and various other custom interior choices were all requested by a customer, who also insisted all plastic interior pieces be replaced with higher quality piano black aesthetics.  Other bespoke elements include an alcantara wrapped rearview mirror (a first?) as well as a custom created iPad mount for the center console.

While the interior additions may not suit our particular taste, Vilner has done a good job in meeting their clients expectations — even if those expectations are a bit outlandish.

Check out the gallery and tell us what you think. Are the upgrades tasteful or not?

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