Recently, pictures have been circulating of this Bugatti Veyron Replica. This time the necessary modifications were carried out on an unfortunate 1992-1995 Honda Civic Coupe. The result was predictable, the replica looks nothing like the original!

We’ve added pictures of it to our comprehensive gallery of Bugatti Veyron replicas so that you can check it out against the competition. The photos come from an Ebay auction that recently ended, unsurprisingly, with no bids! The poster wanted $ 4,500 for an eight piece fiberglass kit. The car retains the Civic shape but gains a number of ugly bulges that vaguely resemble features of the million dollar supercar. It’s located in Florida, USA.


Compared to the cars we already had in our gallery, this one is a true overkill! For a full write up of the rest, visit our earlier post which can be found here.

[Via Jalopnik]

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