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Tushek TS 900 Apex

Tushek TS 900 Apex: Slovenian Supercar is Ready for the Streets

Tushek TS 900 Apex is a new model designed to be the ultimate hypercar. The vehicle has undergone intensive research, testing and has been...
Tushek Forego T700 Teased in the Flesh

Tushek Forego T700 Teased in the Flesh

Following official renderings of the upcoming Tushek Forego T700 being released earlier this year, the first official image of the new sports car has...
Tushek T700 Pista

Official: Tushek Forego T700 and Pista T700

Slovenian supercar start up Tushek recently released new details on their upcoming Tushek Forego T700 and Pista T700. The model is a study in...

Video: Autocar Drives Tushek Renovatio T500

Matt Prior from Autocar drove the first Slovenian supercar, the Tushek Renovatio T500 at a local airfield in Slovenia. He asks himself the question...

Teaser: Tushek Forego T 700

Tushek released a teaser today of their latest offering, the Tushek Forego T 700. It's only been a month since the last official unveil....

Monaco 2012: Tushek Renovatio T500

Slovenian carmaker Tushek officially unveiled the Renovatio T500 at Top Marques 2012 in Monaco. This sports car was described by the new manufacturer as...
Tushek Renovatio T 500

Official: Tushek Renovatio T500

Tushek is a new company founded by Aljosa Tušek, who dreamed of building a his own supercar. His dream turned into reality as he...