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Supercar Collection - Florida

Video: Spectacular Supercar Collection in Florida

Every once and a while, video or picture evidence surfaces of a car collection so great, it is almost unbelievable that one man could...
Office-K Mansory Renovatio Roadster

Office-K Mansory SLR Renovatio Roadster

Our posts about the insane collection of supercars in Japan has raised a lot of interest recently (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3)....

Supercar Collection in Bahrain

Maybe you remember a few years ago, when there were a few pictures going around the Internet of a guy in Bahrain that had...

Dream Garages: Amazing Supercar Collection at SPS Hong Kong

If there is a garage any petrolhead would dream about, it is the following place which one of our forum members tipped us about....

21-Year-Old Saudi Takes Delivery of Two More Supercars

Maybe you know the story behind the 21-year-old Saudi Student Dhiaa Al-Essa who had more than 30 supercars. We can inform you that he...

21-Year-Old Saudi Student Has 30-Strong Supercar Collection

Ever wondered how you would feel if you had a supercar collection worth £ 4.5 million? Ask engineering student Dhiaa Al-Essa! He has thirty...