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Overkill: Ferrari 360 Modena at Causeway Bay in Hong Kong

Daryl Chapman from Bauhinia photography spotted this Ferrari 360 Modena at Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. The total package of this Ferrari is very...

Fenice Milano Ferrari 360 Modena ‘Su Misura’

Fenice Milano have unveiled their latest project. Far from the extravagant 458 Italia and Rolls Royce Ghost we've seen before, the subject this time...

Car Crash: Ferrari 430 Scuderia on Fire in Houston

Another day, another Ferrari fire. This time it's a Ferrari 430 Scuderia in Houston, North America. A passer-by filmed this short clip of the...

Video: Horse Drives Ferrari 360 Modena

Ever seen a horse driving a 'prancing horse'? No, then please check out this video showing a Ferrari 360 Modena driven by a horse...

Car Crash: Ferrari 360 Modena

A deadly accident involving a Ferrari 360 Modena has closed a major roadway in Orange County this morning. A woman, the passenger, was injured...