Ferrari 360 CS or F430

A deadly accident involving a Ferrari 360 Modena has closed a major roadway in Orange County this morning. A woman, the passenger, was injured and taken to a local hospital. According to the police the Ferrari driver was speeding and lost control. The Ferrari hit a curb and knocked out a light pole, as a result it broke in two pieces. There are not much details known yet but it looks like the driver pushed the car past the speedlimit and it’s boundaries.

Ferrari 360  Modena

Ferrari 360 Modena

Ferrari 360 Modena

[via ABC7 and L4P]

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  1. Definitely not a 599 gtb on the picture above!
    Its a 360 Challenge stradale or 360 Modena Coupe with CS body kit. Please look at the front of the car, especially lights, bumper and wheel.

  2. Was just looking more concentrated on the pictures myself now and realised that aswell! The source said it was a 599, that’s why. But if you see the bonnet in the 3rd pictures, doesn’t that look look like an F430?

    Anyway, thanks for also saying it!

  3. “There are not much details known yet but it looks like the driver pushed the car past the speedlimit and it’s boundaries.”

    We’ll forego the obligatory “it’s an its” error and simply ask this question:

    Do you — as a car aficionado — seriously need any more details than what your source told you in order to come to the conclusion the driver went past the speed limit?

    Stop finding excuses for people being idiots by driving too fast; and yes, I do mean this in all your articles concerning car crashes.

  4. “Lewis was pronounced dead at the scene of an accident that involved his red Ferrari and a white Porsche, said Lt. Fox, of the Newport Beach Police Department. ”

    “The accident was not depicted as a race between cars, although the two vehicles were traveling alongside one another in the same direction on the three-lane Jamboree Road.”

    “The end of the accident was witnessed by one of our on-duty officers,

  5. I live around the corner. I went to analyze the skidmarks. The 911 that was “racing” the 360 modena spun out and caused way much more drama with skid marks, and what appears that the 911 hit the curb about 100 feet before ferrari while sliding in reverse, as hitting the curb on sidewalk the car got thrown almost 180 and had its wheel turned to the left making the car weer back on the road and stop close to center divider.

    The Ferarri’s skid marks seem much less dramatic, only appearing not too far from the light pole and heading straight for the light pole, which shows that the guy probably did not loose as much speed as the Porsche did before hitting the curb. Porsche even managed to drive away, though it missed the lightpole before the Ferrari light pole w/ couple inches.


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