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Dyson Racing Official US Distributor Caterham-Lola SP/300.R

Dyson Racing will act as US distributor for the new Caterham-Lola SP/300.R sports prototype when the first of the brand new race and trackday...

Caterham SP/300R UK Customer Trials

The development of the new Caterham SP/300R has been finished over the past period. After our initial close-up at the AutoRai 2011, the British...

Close-up: Caterham SP/300R

Today during the AutoRai 2011 we have a closer look at the Caterham SP/300R released in January. The brand new Caterham model is a...

Official: Caterham SP/300R

Caterham have unveiled their first completely new car for 17 years, the SP/300R. The Le Mans-style prototype model is confined to the track for...