Bugatti’s Chiron, a symbol of automotive excellence, is ceasing production eight years post its 2016 debut. The last unit of the Chiron, particularly the 1500 PS variant, has emerged from the Molsheim factory, marking a significant chapter in Bugatti’s history. However, this isn’t the complete conclusion of the Chiron series or the iconic W16 engine’s story.

The final base model Chiron, enhanced by Bugatti’s Sur Measure customization, sports a distinctive Nocturne and Copper finish. Bilal Hydrie, a Canadian business mogul in the oil sector, acquired this exceptional piece. Notably, Hydrie, an avid entrepreneur, finalised his purchase in late 2021. Although price details were partially concealed on social media, it’s evident that the car’s value exceeds $3 million – a considerable sum for an entry-level variant.

Following the delivery of the ultimate Chiron Super Sport 300+ and the auction of the last Chiron Profilèe for a staggering $10.8 million, Hydrie’s Chiron won’t be the last of its kind for long. Anticipation builds for the remaining Chiron Pur Sport editions and the W16-driven Mistral and Bolide models. While Bugatti remains tight-lipped about specific delivery dates, they’ve hinted that the Chiron’s swansong will occur within months with the last model’s delivery. The culmination of the W16 era will be marked by one of these models, as Bugatti pivots towards a hybrid V8 drivetrain for the Chiron’s successor. This next-generation model is set to be unveiled soon, with production commencing in 2026.

As we await the arrival of Bugatti’s next marvel, speculation abounds on the number of ‘final’ Chirons to depart from Molsheim. The automotive world eagerly anticipates the successor to the Chiron, a car that has long defined the pinnacle of luxury and performance.

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