Regularly hailed as the epitome of automotive elegance, the Lamborghini Miura has not only been iconic in its own period but has also gained increased admiration as time has passed. In recognition of this enduring legacy, the manufacturer chose to pay tribute in 2016 through a special iteration based on the Aventador. This mid-engine sports car boasted a nostalgic colour scheme that echoed the Miura’s original hues, complemented by distinctively contrasting wheels and side panels. The 2017 version, slightly more modern yet equally stunning, presents a striking black and gold colour combination. This particular vehicle is now available for acquisition through a DK Engineering auction, facilitated by Carhuna.

Preserving the theatrical aesthetic synonymous with Lamborghini, the Aventador upheld the famed Italian brand’s design ethos. It featured hallmark scissor doors, a robust naturally aspirated V12 engine, all-wheel drive, and remarkable speed. This model marked the end of the era for the Bizzarini-crafted engine that had been in use since 1963. The revamped engine, with a reduced stroke, allowed for higher revs, resulting in increased power output across its range.

Technologically, the Aventador was a leap forward with its carbon fibre monocoque construction, ensuring a lighter yet more rigid structure. It also boasted Formula 1-inspired pushrod suspension and an innovative seven-speed, clutchless manual transmission with trio of dynamic settings. Surpassing the performance metrics of its predecessors, the LP640 and LP670 Superveloce, the Aventador LP700-4, as it was fully named, delivered close to 700 bhp. This power output was nearly double that of the original Miura P400 at the time of its launch.

First supplied in 2016, this example has seen 5 services despite having covered just 2,500 miles from new. Presenting superbly, this Miura Homage must be one of the best looking Aventadors to leave the factory.

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