We’ve all been there, with your mates talking about the scenarios you could only wish for. A LaFerrari on Jebel Jais, a 911 GT1 on Grossglockner or perhaps a manual Zonda Cinque in the Italian hills around Bologna? How about a 992 Porsche 911 GT3 RS around the Monaco GP Circuit, a Spyder RS on Col de Turini or the same road with a 911 Dakar for more comforts and confidence on an icy day in December, why not chuck on a Christmas tree to make the vision even more ridiculous. A few of those scenarios may well have played out on a magnificent December day which was hosted by Porsche GB to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 911.

I found myself feeling worse for wear when fumbling around to turn off my 0530 alarm from the vast bed of the opulent hotel in Nice in which I found myself. The monsoon shower didn’t do much to help energy levels, neither could the 0600 burnt espresso in the lobby. The keys to a 992 GT3 and a few tunnels at 9,000pm, however, proved somewhat more effective.

A continental breakfast more fitting to the surroundings was in order, to Monaco, of course. The Automobile Club de Monaco is a place steeped in history, prestige and some incredible automobilia. Having regrouped with the other cars in the group, the parking spaces outside the ACM looked spectacular. From a 911 Dakar to the GT3 RS, with a 992 Turbo and T, the variety of 911s was a sight to behold, particularly when added to that was an early 911 on Monaco plates, we expected nothing less from the vice president of the club. There was an oddball thrown into the mix, too – a special car with the engine in a different place from the 911s with their flat sixes on the ‘wrong’ side of the rear axel – a 718 Spyder RS.

Heading in for breakfast, the first thing that caught my eye in a sizeable Louis Vuittons trunk which doubled as a decadent display case, nestled within it was the 2024 Monaco Formula 1 trophy… obviously. A pain au chocolat, or two, later it was time to do what must be done when in Monaco, trace the route of the circuit. My weapon of choice? Well, it must be the 992 GT3 RS, because DRS. What stood out was just how civilised the car which is always being dubbed a ‘cup car for the road’ felt on the street. The ride quality is far better than the visual drama of the 992 GT3 RS would suggest. The car really could be used around town, the only real downfall comes courtesy of the shorter final drive and 7-speed PDK box which means the revs sits at higher rpm than I would optimal for long highway drives. Great for 0-100s, not for continental cruising.

After shots on the circuit and a visit to the Maybourne Riviera for more photos with the stunning view over the harbour, it was time to do what these Porsches do best: being driven hard. I snagged the keys to the only manual car in the group, the 992 911 Carrera T, what many suggest is the best value and most exciting Carrera on sale today, points which it confirmed on the intense wonderful climb up the Col de T-urini.

I’ve spent quite some time with the GT4 RS and experienced first hand the outrageous, dominating, ferocious intake noise the car offers, it’s an assault on the ear drums that leaves a lasting impression. The breeze at the top of the infamous col was bitingly cold, there was snow on the ground and a chill in the air, time for the Spyder RS then. I was waiting the right opportunity to subject my senses to what I imaged would be an equally intense drive in a Spyder RS, a deserted Col de Turini with photographers on each corner with a radio to inform me of traffic coming in the opposite direction seemed like the perfect scenario, even if it was near freezing and the mid-engined Porsche was wearing Cup 2s. Off I went, straight into PDK sport, shifter knocked to the left to make sure I would be conducting the orchestra.

First gear, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,000. It’s building, I’m not sure if I was more nervous about the traction levels or just how much the building crescendo would make me wince. 7, 8, and finally 9,000. I pulled back on the lever second is banged home and it builds again, 3rd. Repeat. As with the 4RS, the volume and tone are remarkable, but stretched to new heights with even less ear protection. But it’s not blaring for the sake of it – the texture and awareness of what the engine is doing is so granular, it’s not talking to you, it’s howling, barking, shrieking and you quickly learn to ignore using the tachometer to know when to shift, there’s one in your brain, it’s part of the hardware.

Getting out of a car with so much adrenaline, shaking not from the temperature, but the concentration and excitement of what just happened does not often occur. The Spyder RS is one of those cars, it’ll make sure you’re pushing it, inspiring confidence and showing the big-boy-911s that being mid-engined has it’s benefits. No one puts baby in the corner. I couldn’t give up the keys, not yet, I was hooked. Up, down and up again. You would have to have prized the keys from my frostbitten fingers to have a go. It must be noted that the rather busy ride in the GT4 RS had been turned down a little in the Spyder RS, the car is aimed at being better on the road that its fixed topped sibling.

I did, eventually, give up the keys as I think the cold weather was starting to take a toll on my health, and it’s easier to swap into a 992 Turbo S than it is to attempt to put the roof on a Spyder RS for the first time. Heated seats and less deafness was a welcome change.

The Dakar was the one car I didn’t have time to pilot on this trip (blame my Spyder RS addition), but I hope to have another go soon. Pulling back up to the hotel in Nice, it was time to bid adieu to the 911s and Spyder as the 24hr drive if dreams was over. What a way to celebrate six decades of the world’s greatest sports cars, they continue to define the sports car market with a model range more diverse and exciting than ever before. A huge thanks to Porsche for having us, the event also doubled as a send off for Rob Durrant, Product PR Manager – Porsche GB, who has been a friend of GTspirit for close to a decade. All the best for your next chapter, Rob!

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