Being a part of this year’s Porsche showing at the Goodwood Festival of Speed was nothing short of an awe-inspiring experience. The milestone 30th anniversary of the Festival of Speed coincided with Porsche’s celebration of 75 years since its first sports car – the 356. As attendees, we were thrilled to witness first-hand how Porsche, as the event’s honoured marque, dazzled spectators with a flurry of activities. From the heart-pounding thrill of the 1.16-mile hillclimb to the breathtaking static exhibits, our journey immersed us deeply into the rich and exhilarating world of Porsche.

  • Porsche’s first sports car, the 1948 356 No 1, took on the Goodwood hillclimb, marking its iconic journey.
  • An impressive assortment of road-going cars, including the 718 Spyder RS and 911 GT3 RS, showcased Porsche’s modern evolution.
  • A unique digital art piece, the 356 ‘Art Car’, encapsulated the innovative spirit of Porsche’s original vision.

This year, the Festival of Speed turned 30, coinciding with Porsche’s 75th celebration of their initial sports car – the 356. Porsche, the celebrated brand at this year’s festival, displayed an array of thrilling activities. “This fantastic opportunity to connect with UK Porsche admirers and enthusiasts was graciously provided by Goodwood,” expressed Krishan Bodhani, the CEO of Porsche Cars Great Britain. The Duke of Richmond and Gordon, the festival’s host, acknowledged Porsche’s unwavering support since 1995.

Porsches on The Hill

At the heart of the event, a 1.16-mile hillclimb challenged and entertained Porsche owners and fans. Among the models conquering the famed Goodwood hill were the first Porsche sports car, the 1948 356 No 1, and the latest 718 Spyder RS. Alongside the cars demonstrating Porsche’s 75-year journey were the latest 911 GT3 RS and the new 911 Dakar. Other noteworthy models included the mid-engined 718 GT4 RS with Manthey Kit and the fresh Cayenne S.

Exhibits Beyond Imagination

Aside from the high-action sequences, Porsche presented an unparalleled collection of exhibits around the Goodwood site. This year’s bespoke sculpture, designed by Gerry Judah, included six cars symbolizing Porsche’s 75-year history. Among the displays of the latest Porsche models, fans marveled at the futuristic Mission X concept. The Vision 357 Speedster, an all-electric model with influences from the 356, also debuted globally at the event.

Porsche & Goodwood: Artistic Expression

The festival also witnessed the birth of the 356 ‘Art Car’, a floral interpretation capturing the essence of Ferry Porsche’s dream. Digital artist Lusion narrated Ferry Porsche’s journey from idea to reality through immersive digital art. This blooming vision, named ‘Flower 356’, was a captivating display at the Porsche stand. Various historic race cars from Porsche’s 75 years, like the 917 and 919 Hybrid, also graced the hillclimb.

Celebrating Porsche’s Legacy with a Parade at Goodwood

A unique Porsche parade, led by the 356 No 1, ascended the famous hill twice daily. Notably, the millionth 911, 991, was driven by Porsche Ambassador and golfer Paul Casey. High winds led to the festival’s cancellation on Saturday, but regular proceedings resumed on Sunday. GTspirit Editor-in-Chief, Zaid Hamid, participated in the parades and Porsche Moment on Thursday and Friday in both the Cayenne Transsyberia and gorgeous 993 Turbo S, both sent from the Porsche Museum.

Overcoming Challenges at Goodwood

Fifteen cars were relocated to the media base at West Dean College, which also hosted interviews and car design workshops. Some cars, including the 917/30, were demonstrated off-site, while others were available for drives around the West Dean estate. Following the productive Saturday, the cars returned to the festival for guests to enjoy on Sunday. Porsche and Goodwood thus proved to be a resilient and adaptive collaboration and celebration of automotive history.

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