The cyber gavel has come down on Carhuna, the online auction platform that’s been buzzing with the excitement of a unique offering: a Porsche Carrera GT Zagato, one of only five models in existence (six if you include the prototype). The elegant beast, previously a showstopper at the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed and London Concours, now calls a new garage home, having been sold for an astonishing £1,450,000.

This Zagato remodel, chassis 4 of the 5 conversions, has always garnered attention, thanks to its bespoke dark metallic green pain and the only fully bespoke Zagato interior in the series, an addition that commanded an extra premium. Iconic ‘Z’ emblems are embossed on the headrests of the exquisite green leather seats, silently affirming the car’s uncommon lineage.

The car underwent a meticulous six-month conversion in 2018/2019 by Milanese coachbuilders, Zagato, subtly enhancing its aerodynamics and elegance. A particular collector’s vision transformed the car, replacing the plateau behind the roll-over hoops with a more Gran Turismo style profile.

The engine of this Carrera GT is fed air through an innovative piece of glass, added by Zagato to channel air directly into the engine – a departure from the standard V10’s air sourcing from two NACA ducts. The reworked exhaust tips emit a slightly louder note but remain true to the instantly recognisable V10 pitch.

This record-breaking sale underscores the undeniable allure of this rare automotive masterpiece and its standout presence in the world of collectors cars. From its long journey to the auction block, this Porsche Carrera GT Zagato continues to captivate, now settling into a new chapter in its storied existence. The car was offered by DK Engineering with the auction being powered by Carhuna.


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