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7 VW Concept Cars You Probably Forgot About

VW W12 Nardo

Volkswagen has debuted a wide range of concept cars over the years, some of the vehicles have made their way to the company’s lineup such as the VW ID.4 EV and CROZZ.


7. 2002 VW Magellan: Removable Sat Nav was a thing

Magellan was built for outdoor travels in Spain 2002, the vehicle was designed as part car, part truck and part SUV. The Magellan was an all-wheel drive concept car fitted with a set of 19 inch wheels and an air suspension setup. The interior was spacious and could hold up to six passengers with the three rows of seats arranged in a 2x2x2 layout. The vehicle also featured a removable navigation system that could also be used for biking and hiking.




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