Anyone can make a fast car nowadays, but very few top speeds have been verified in the last 3 decades. We now have very quick electric cars on the market, and the battle for top speed records is only just beginning. But there is always one major challenge when it comes to claiming a top speed record, and that is the testing ground. There are only a few locations on earth that present the perfect conditions for a top speed run.

The vehicles on this list all have verified top speed runs. I know the title says cars but we decided to throw in the fastest bike in the world as well. The List will be updated when a new verified speed record is broken. Enjoy!

10. Kawasaki Ninja H2R: 248mph (400km/h)

We don’t even know much about bikes but any vehicle on 2 wheels that is capable of hitting 400km/h deserves a mention. The H2R doesn’t abide by any gentleman rules in the bike world, and in 2016 a professional rider (Kenan Sofuoglu) supported by Kawasaki and Pirelli set the top speed record for a production bike, achieving 400km/h top speed. Apparently the H2R is capable of reaching 260mph!

9. Koenigsegg CCR: 241mph (387km/h)

Koenigsegg CCR

The car that put Koenigsegg on the map properly after breaking the world top speed record, they did that in 2005 but the glory only lasted 2 months before Bugatti set a new record with the Veyron.

Top Speed: 241mph (387km/h)
Engine: 4.7L V8 twin-supercharged
Output: 806hp, 920nm
0-62mph (100km/h): 3.7s
MSRP: $650,000

8. McLaren F1: 243mph (391km/h)

Silver McLaren F1

They cost $20 million plus a piece in today’s market. One of the most important car of the 90s, deserves to be overrated. This car is everything that is lacking in today’s car industry. Andy Wallace is the gentleman who set the top speed record in the McLaren F1, as fate would have it, he was the driver behind the wheel of the Chiron prototype that broke the 300mph speed barrier in a road car.

Top Speed: 243mph (391km/h)
Engine: 6.1L BMW V12
Output: 618hp, 650nm
0-62mph (100km/h): 3.7s
MSRP: $815,000
Price Now: $15 – $25 million

7. Bugatti Veyron: 253mph (408km/h)

Bugatti Veyron Top Speed

Most popular bedroom poster car since 2005. Ask any non car person to name the fastest car in the world and they will say a Bugatti. They mean the Veyron.

Top Speed: 253mph (408km/h)
Engine: 8.0L W16 Quad Turbo
Output: 987hp & 1,250nm
0-62mph (100km/h): 2.46s
MSRP: $1,700,000

6. Ultimate Aero TT: 254mph (410km/h)

Ultimate Aero Top Speed

This was the fastest car in the late 2000s, taking away the title from the Bugatti Veyron. A verified world top speed record holder.

Top Speed: 257 mph (414 km/h)
Engine: 6.3L V8 twin-turbo
Output: 1,305hp & 1,508nm
MSRP: $654,000
Price now: from $200,000

5. Hennessey Venom GT Spyder: 265.6 mph (427km/h)

Hennessey Venom GT Spyder

Another Hennessey car on the list. 1 of 2 that has a verified top speed record. Their new Venom F5 is yet to make a top speed run, we are confident that it will happen.

Top Speed: 265 mph (427 km/h)
Engine: 7.0L V8 LSX twin-turbo
Output: 1,451hp
Price: $1.1 million

4. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport: 269mph (434km/h)

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport WRC

Former world record holder. Only 30 were made. Bugatti appears in this list thrice, and that is because they have an easy access to one of the few locations possible to do a top speed run. The Volkwagen’s Ehra-Lessien test track in Germany.

Top Speed: 269 mph (434 km/h)
Engine: 8.0L W16 Quad Turbo
Output: 1,200hp & 1,500nm
0 – 62 mph (100 km/h): 2.4s
MSRP: $2.7 million

3. Hennessey Venom GT: 270mph (435km/h)

Record-setting Hennessey Venom GT for sale

Hennessey is known for fast and modified American cars, and the Venom GT (based on a Lotus Exige) is their entry into the supercar world with a verified top speed of 270mph.

Top Speed: 270 mph (435 km/h)
Engine: 7.0L V8 LSX twin-turbo
Output: 1,244hp & 1,566nm
Price: $950,000

2. Koenigsegg Agera RS: 285mph (458km/h)

Agera RS Top Speed

Koenigsegg makes fast cars, the Agera RS also holds the 0 – 400 – 0 km/h record. The broke the world top speed record in November 2017. Soon they will be attempting the same with the Jesko Absolut.

Top Speed: 285 mph (458 km/h)
Engine: 5.0L V8 twin-turbo
Output: 1,360hp & 1,370nm
0 – 62 mph (100 km/h): 2.8s
Price: $2.5 million

1. Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+: 304mph (490km/h)

Bugatti Chiron Fastest Car

A Bugatti Chiron prototype with a modified body became the first road car to break the 300mph barrier. Bugatti will make 30 Chiron Super Sport 300+ (just like the Veyron Super Sport). They will however be fitted with a limiter!

Top Speed: 304 mph (490 km/h)
Engine: 8.0L W16 Quad Turbo
Output: 1,600hp
Price: $3.9 million

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