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Verified Speeds: Top 10 Fastest Cars in 2020/2021

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Anyone can make a fast car nowadays, but very few top speeds have been verified in the last 3 decades. We now have very quick electric cars on the market, and the battle for top speed records is only just beginning. But there is always one major challenge when it comes to claiming a top speed record, and that is the testing ground. There are only a few locations on earth that present the perfect conditions for a top speed run.

The vehicles on this list all have verified top speed runs. I know the title says cars but we decided to throw in the fastest bike in the world as well. The List will be updated when a new verified speed record is broken. Enjoy!


10. Kawasaki Ninja H2R: 248mph (400km/h)

We don’t even know much about bikes but any vehicle on 2 wheels that is capable of hitting 400km/h deserves a mention. The H2R doesn’t abide by any gentleman rules in the bike world, and in 2016 a professional rider (Kenan Sofuoglu) supported by Kawasaki and Pirelli set the top speed record for a production bike, achieving 400km/h top speed. Apparently the H2R is capable of reaching 260mph!




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