Dubai has a reputation as the city where hedonistic opulence dominates. Everything is more luxurious. From the seven-star hotels to the endless luxury shopping malls, everything seems gold-plated. In an effort to maintain the city’s reputation, and no doubt in pursuit of Dubai’s show-stopping police department, the city’s ambulance service has this week announced the purchase of three high-end luxury cars.

The police force already runs a fleet of mega-expensive hypercars. The collection includes some of the most desireable cars on earth; the Bugatti Veyron and the Aston Martin One 77, two examples. Dubai’s ambulance service follows this month with the announcement that it has purchased a Nissan GT-R and Chevrolet alongside a new Range Rover.

Dubai Ambulance Corvette

If you suffer a heart attack while out shopping, or get struck watching one of the famous (but highly illegal) Tafheet drift events, don’t expect these vehicles to rush to your assistance. The Dubai ambulance service will use them mostly for patrols in tourist areas and for the odd sporting event.

The Dubai ambulance service suggests that response times can be reduced from 4 to 8 minutes using the vehicles. Each one has been equipped with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) equipment and oxygen cylinders as well as road traffic-specific resuscitation equipment.

The three vehicles join a Lotus Elvora, a Dodge Challenger and two Ford Mustangs which the service ran prior to its latest announcement.

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