The 4 Series is the release BMW fans have been waiting for. The main part of its draw is the simple fact the 4 Series will form the basis of a cult-classic; the new BMW M4.

At the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019, which opens this week, BMW fans will get a glympse of what to expect from the sports coupe! The BMW Concept 4 presents BMW’s vision for the two-door coupe.

The photos show a shape which re-interprets the design elements of the current 4 Series Coupe. The Hofmeister kink remains a critical element of the side window design. The shape rises higher than in the current 4 Series. The wheel arches appear more swollen too with a smoother design line.

Where it all gets a bit controversial is when we start looking at the front. That kidney grille has grown significantly. It’s massive! There are cut-out sections which break down the sheer size, however, there is no escaping the fact that it is vast!

BMW’s press release makes reference to the design of the BMW 328 and BMW 3.0 CSi as inspiration. Both models had vertical kidney grilles, yet not to the same extent as the Concept 4.

BMW Concept 4 Rear Side

The headlights are LED and dispense with a glass covering. Instead, they form part of the bodywork. A detailer’s worst nightmare! The rear tailights, also LED, opt for a more conventional look with a sinlge lighting element definiting the shape.

The rear looks very shapely with a high rear hatch and two prominant air outlets. A bootlid spoiler comes chisseled into the shape and the rear diffuser encases two exhaust outlet covers. The design is finished in a new exterior colour, “Forbidden Red”.

Aside from the grille, the concept looks like it could transfer quite nicely into the fundamental design for BMW’s new 4 Series!

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