Electrification is big news these days. A push for action on climate change has resulted in a sharper focus on fossil fuel alternatives. Most car company’s are looking to electric technology to achieve strict new emissions targets set by government. You will hear no complaints from company’s like Rimac.

The Croatian company has gone from strength to strength, focusing on producing some of the highest performance battery drivetrains on the market. Rimac have announced a strategic partnership with two of the biggest names in the industry this week. Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors Corporation have invested 80 million euros to collaborate on the development of high-performance electric vehicles.

For those unfamiliar with Rimac, the Croatian company has established itself as a leader in high-performance electric vehicle technology since opening its doors in 2009. It has worked with the likes of Aston Martin, Koenigsegg, Jaguar and Pininfarina in recent times, alongside the production of its own vehicles.

The collaboration will see Rimac develop an electric version of Hyundai Motor’s N brand midship sports car and a high-performance fuel cell electric vehicle. Continuing Rimac’s tradition of working on limited production, high-end models!

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