Swedish news outlet Dagens Industri recently conducted an interview with Christian von Koenigsegg which reveals some extra details on the upcoming replacement for the Koenigsegg Agera replacement. Koenigsegg talks extensively on plans to safeguard the company against volatile market conditions too. Plainly this is an issue of concern for many manufacturers these days.

In the interview, Koenigsegg confirms that Ragnarök is the working name for the Agera replacement but that a new name will be revealed closer to the Geneva Motor Show 2019 in March. The Ragnarök will be displayed as a display version which we take to mean that it will not run.

Koenigsegg will produce the Ragnarök in very limited numbers. Just 125 examples are planned for the production run with 72 sold out. The production run will begin in 2021, once development of the new model have completed.

The Agera RS used Koenigsegg’s own engine. We suspect that the replacement will use a variation of that same engine with the possibility that it gets a hybrid drivetrain or Koenigsegg’s innovative gearbox, although the Swedish article references a nine-speed gearbox that Koenigsegg have been working on.

On the prospect of a recession, Koenigsegg points out that during the 2008 recession, while its US sales took a dive, they were more than made up by a move into the Chinese market. Koenigsegg revealed that it has deposits for 2-3 years of production.

For the full details on the Koenigsegg Ragnarök, or whatever its name will eventually be, we will need to wait until the Geneva Motor Show 2019 in March!

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